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Contact Us
Saint Andrews Presbyterian Church
2201 Springdale Ave at Magnolia 
Charlotte, NC 28203
Phone: 704.375.7793

Sunday Morning Ministry 
and Worship Schedule

8:30-9:15 am Choir Practice

10:00 am 
Morning Worship Service

Weekly AA Meetings
Springdale Group
Monday - Saturday
Each evening 6:00 pm
Lower Fellowship Hall

High Noon Group
Each Wednesday 12:00 pm
Lower Fellowship Hall

Solutions Group
Each Friday 12:00pm
Lower Fellowship Hall

The Messenger is the official newsletter of the Saint Andrews Presbyterian Church.  

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Next Holy Communion
July 5, 2015

All are welcome!
Come celebrate 
the hope of Christ
as we continue the
journey of spiritual formation
 Thinking Out Loud...

The road to Jerusalem invites us to journey with Christ each year. We come unprepared, as we always are, to accompany the Christ and yet he welcomes us to his side and talks with us as if he’s known us all our lives…perhaps because he has. We find ourselves telling him all our secrets, those things that are like lead weights in our blood holding us back just a little from what we know is possible in him – joy, love, forgiveness. So we plod along in our ordinary lives until we realize that someone extraordinary knows our name and our story and wants to give us just that freedom we so desire…that cleansing, that salvation, and he is there, not just at Easter, but always.  

Holy is the time and holy is this place,
   and there are holy things that must be said.
Let us say to one another what our souls whisper…
   O Holy One, cast your tent among us;
   come into our ordinary lives and bless the living!

(excerpt “The Holy in the Ordinary” from Kneeling in Jerusalem by Ann Weems)