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Saint Andrews Presbyterian Church
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Lower Fellowship Hall

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Lower Fellowship Hall

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Each Friday 12:00pm
Lower Fellowship Hall

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Communion  Service
January 4, 2015

All are welcome!
Come celebrate the new
year with us 
as we continue the
journey of spiritual formation
 Thinking Out Loud...Welcome to 2015!

​I’m going out on a limb this new year…I’m bucking the trend and making no resolutions. Yep, I’ve thought about it, and I don’t think I want to make any. See, the conundrum I’m in with resolutions, is the same problem I have with a lot of things in this human life in general. Resolutions are (99% of the time) all about the individual. I am the center of that universe, I am the important cog in that wheel and all else revolves around what I will or will not do for myself. So this year I’m taking myself out of the spotlight and promising nothing to me. Instead, I think I will try to wake up every new day that I am given and see what God is up to.  

Perhaps if I begin by shifting my focus to what God is doing with this world and amongst his creation – his people, flora, fauna, all that lives and moves in fluidity – perhaps I can jump into this flowing river of glorious life and start to swim with the angels and see where I might be able to lend some small assistance: hold a hand; donate some time or money, smile, pray – out loud, whatever it is that God needs me to be doing. Which means that every day will be a little bit of an unknown, a little bit of a risk, to ask what God would like me to do and then do it instead of tying my own hands.  

I have a feeling that by stepping out of the way I may just find more personal freedom than ever and I may discover that I am willing to chance the adventure into unexplored territory. I may miss the mark more often than not, I may go grudgingly through some days, but I may also find that God has some much, much better ideas for me than I would have ever thought of on my own. So, here’s to the new year - - resolution free - - God centered…future wide open!  

May the blessings of adventure and courage be yours in the months to come!  

Grace, peace & love,

Pastor Nadine
Artwork: shawn van daele via renaissance studios